Thursday, September 2, 2010

Embarrassing Moments

Have you ever....

sneezed and peed

walked out of the bathroom with your skirt tucked in your underware.


walked out of the bathroom with toliet paper stuck to your shoe.

walked out of the bathroom with the seat cover tucked in your pants and wet at the end.

aked someone if they are pregnant when they arent.

picked your nose in the car and then turned and looked at the car next to you is staring.

sneezed and farted

walked up to your husband pinched him on the bum and then he turns around and he isnt

your husband.

been walking down a hall and trip over your own shoe not once but twice

thought you were alone so you let one rip but only to find out your not alone

Today at work I was talking with my co-workers and one of them started telling us about when she was helping a patient and sneezed so hard she peed after that we all started telling stories of our most embarrassing moments or others embarrassing moments that we were so lucky to seeing. I was laughing so hard I started to cry. But unfortunately I have no stories of embarrassing moments to share because I am practically perferct in every way. ;)