Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jazz vs Suns

Sorry Okur but I think I have a new crush on Mathews.Last night we went to the Jazz game and got to see the Jazz beat the Suns. We also got to see many crazy people. I think I watch more of the fans than the Jazz game. My favorite is when they play a Flo*rida song and the man in front of you sands up and starts to dance. It was the funnest thing I had seen in along time. He was a special one but kept me laughing the whole time. And then there was our other neighbors who were only 9 or 10 yelling at the jazz like my dad yells at them when he watches it. So even if your not a Jazz fan but enjoy people watching or just need to feel better about yourself go the a Jazz game there is plenty of entertaining folk around to make your day that much brighter.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

I have only been sick for 4 days but I am already sick of it. I go through a box of tissues a day and have to shoot up with this nasal spray that has become my new best friend.
I'm not one to complain about being sick but this is kicking my butt! I have a headache and cant breath and that does not help when it comes to sleep time.
If any of you have a home remedies that could help me please share!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nick Names

"I'm watching you Wazowski" yup just like "Smelly"
There are many kinds of nick names but the best ones are those that they don't know they have. When I was single my girlfriends and I would nick name all the guys we meet like..."Superman", "Wolfman", "Batman", and "ricky bobby" that's just to name a few. But my favorite are the nicknames that I use daily like "Rumpenzle", "Skipper", "Eore" and then there's "Smelly" who I think needs to be re-named to "Roz". Today I saw a picture of Roz from Monsters Inc. and started laughing oh so hard. I have to talk to my accomplist and verify that this name change but I think that there is no denying that Roz and "Smelly" have much in common.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

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I'm Addicted...HELP!!!

My name is Christine and I am addicted to...(deep breath) Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore, Real World, Teen Mom, The Ruins, and many more realality shows.

Its sad but true I am addicted. I can help myself every time I turn on the TV I flip to MTV or Oxygen channel and hope that its a new episod. I never thought I would be one to get addicted to these shows. Everytime I heard someone talking about having to watch The Hills I thought they were crazy. And now I am the one saying I have to get home to watch Natalie get beat up by Portia, or to see what happened to Snookie after being punched in the bar. I have dx myself with this addiction and the cure...To watch them in my cumfy clothes with a cold DP (my other addiction)... I am a people watcher and I love watching crazy girls beat eachother up and act like a fool and who doesnt like a guy with a great nick name like Mike "the situation". So if you find yourself watching these shows give me a call and we can watch them together.

Sad to say but Portia is kicked out and there is a new girl named Lexi. I dont know if I like her yet.

All these peeps have Jersey shore names "the situation", "snooki", "sweetheart" and more redic nick names. There is a web site were you enter your name and it will generate your "Jersey Shore" name. Its kinda fun. I put some names in and her they are

Christine aka Pookie....Ryan aka The Bicep....Ashley aka The Opportunity....Brant aka The Impact....Kellie aka The Tight End....Amy aka A-Cat.

This was one of my favorites but sadly its over but I am eagerly waiting for the new one.

Being a teen mom is not as easy as it sounds.

I just started this one but as of now I am not a big fan of Ty...but its only been one episod.