Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bear Lake

This is how tan Ryan was by the end of our trip.

Ryan let the kids barry him in the sand.

Luella our little pioneer girl.

Ryan, Brit, & Oliva

Even being under an umbrella and with a bonnet on Zoey still got sunburned...poor girl

Jane the Orange team cheerleader.

Macs going into body building.

The yellow belly Poirot's

Ken found a merman!!!

We went up to Bear Lake a few weeks ago with my family for the annual camping trip. We stayed at a camp ground over by Lake City it was a nice little spot close to the beach so we could go down and play on the beach and not have to walk to far. The only bad thing was there were no flush toilets (stinky!!). The weather there was very peculiar the night we got up there it was nice and then the next day the wind was blowing so hard and it rained most of the morning so we all crowded in the trailers adults in one and kids in the other. We did Water Olympics and no surprise my team won!!! "Go Orange....were fruity!!" We went boating...well let me rephrase that they got to go boating I wasn't able to cuz I had just had surgery just a week before. However I did sneak on it once and it was so windy that there were white caps on the waves so I almost felt like I was being pulled behind on the tube. One of the nights we did skits and my sister Rachelles family did a scene from The Mighty Python and the Search of the Holly Grail it was so cute it was the "bring out your dead" so cute Brit had all his lines memorize "I'm not dead yet" we all laughed so hard. He took home the Emmy for best lead actor. The most memorable night was the last night we were there...we had just finished celebrating Aug birthdays and all the little kids were asleep and just the adults (and Mac) were up and Danny told Ryan he wasn't part of the Polar Bear club yet so Ryan, Danny, Trent Wade, and Cody all got in there swim suits and went in the lake. They decided to be funny and to take off there shorts and moon us all. I love my family trips so much fun and never a boring moment.

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